Faith Love-Robertson
Watercolours , Pastels, & Oils

Faith Love-Robertson- a bit about me

 Faith Love-Robertson

   Faith Love-Robertson born '55


   The affinity for creative pursuits prompted me to enter into a design and graphics      programme at Mount Royal College in Calgary, Alberta. Attaining high standards and    finishing in 1978, I then worked  with colours, space planning and textures in the field of design.

Starting a family meant most of time was in the home and I set up my home studio and started working in watercolour in a fine art capacity instead of the more commercial applications. Workshops and study courses followed on a more or less continual basis constantly upgrading my approach to painting. I have studied with the Federation of Canadian Artists and other artist instruction through various artist guilds.

The Delta Community Arts Council has featured my work in two successful one woman shows, I also show work with the South Delta Artist Guild, Federation of Canadian Artists, The Old School House Gallery and international juried events when time allows. Artist Societies to which I belong are the Federation of Canadian Artists, the DeCosmos Fine Art Society, the Old School House Gallery, the Oceanside Arts Council and the South Delta Artist's Guild. Watercolour, oils, and pastels are my favourite media but I dabble in whatever interests me. I have had work accepted in juried shows both local and international and have won awards for all media with which I paint, and have patrons that have collected my work locally, nationaly, and internationally.

My subject matter is whatever captures my interest but I tend to lean towards landscapes and seascapes as a true inspiration.

I have taught adults and children in classes covering everything from drawing to watercolour to clay. I continue to both teach or coach classes and also take classes whenever I get the opportunity. Some of the artists that have shared their talent through classes I have attended are Alan Wylie, Janice Robertson, Sue Northcott, Mike Svob, Joyce Kamikura, Jean Duffey, Diana Ponting, Gaye Adams, Donna Baspaly, Michael Abraham, Tony O'Regan, Don Farrell, Coral Gurney, Sandra Taylor and Geoff Hacker, and many others. Every time I attend a class I find as much inspiration from beign a student as I do when I teach others, creative people collectively produce a special kind of energy.