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You provided my first and only painting lessons(in watercolour)in 2013 in Surrey. I now reside in Qualicum Beach and hope to be able to resume as a hobby, as it has been very therapeutic. Will be sure to drop by to view your works at First Ave.
Janice H. - 25 Jan 2018
Love your works! Great pastels!
Pan - 2 Mar 2016
Hi Faith, just noticed this site and loved you lesson, it is very nice...I enjoyed all my classes with you and enjoyed every lesson. I learned very much and sorry I am not able to go to the next session. Great work Faith...You are tremendous.. ..Nancy Paul
Nancy Paul - 12 Apr 2014
I've had a picture in my head for about a year, and got tired of it nagging me to express it in watercolor. It's been awhile since I took one of your courses so very thankful for the refresher lesson.
Glenna - 28 Jul 2013
Really liked your work, especially watercolors (I myself have been working with them). Good luck in future paintings!
Rostik - 8 Aug 2012
in a word "Beautiful"
E.S.C. - 14 Jan 2012
Hi Faith, I am glad to hear your students loved the class and we will set up the new one for February 3, 2011. Have a great Christmas. Leah
Leah McCullough - 14 Dec 2010
Hi Faith, I am glad to hear your students loved the class and we will set up the new one for February 3, 2011. Have a great Christmas. Leah
Leah McCullough - 14 Dec 2010
Thank-you for all the kind comments from everyone. In answer to Catherine Dickson - please paint the free lesson plan- it is there for all to use.
faith - 19 Oct 2010
Hello. I provide free watercolour classes after work hours here at AstraZeneca. In fact someone you know....Dan O'Brien is so inspired by you that he has signed up for my class. Love your work and will try the free lesson with the class if that is okay with you.
Catherine Dickson - 19 Oct 2010
Saw your work for the 1st time at the Tswassan Mall last weekend. The composition of the piece really caught my eye. the large 'K' was very prenounced. thank you for the thrill.
Bea Sttuyt - 19 Oct 2009
It is a pleasure to view your work, I see I could learn a lot from you. I found this site in "Opus Framing & Arts Supplies-Visual Arts Newsletter", I hope I can make it to see you there on Feb 14. I would like your opinion if your interested; you can see some of my drawings at Thank you for sharing your beautiful gift for creativity.
Faith-Hannah Rose Frankson - 3 Feb 2009
Hi Faith, I like your website!
Barbara - 26 Sep 2008
Wonderfull, one minute idle and then after your uplifting mountain scene, busy busy busy.... Thank you.
David Wright - 3 Sep 2008
Was brownsing the net and remembered your site. Love the water/heron picture. Also, I may do your watercolour lesson. I need to be inspired again to pick up the brushes. Sheila McDowall
Sheila McDowall - 28 Feb 2008
i love your hand work
nelson - 28 Feb 2008
hi Faith, I got to your site..... great ! Love YOUR CAT !!!!
Edward I. Okano - 31 Oct 2007
I was truly inspired at your last workshop and have finished my Saturna Sunset painting. You are truly an inspiration to us all.
Cathey Tyler - 18 Aug 2007
I referenced your site for my son to check out in creating his own as your work is nicely displayed and your site inviting. I enjoyed the student art gallery as well as the art lesson. Thank you!
Joan - 18 Aug 2007
Hi Faith, Just dropped into your site and noticed Watercolour Lesson and had a look. I haven't done anything since our last class but the lesson inspired me to take out the paints and get going again. Thanks for the inspiration.
Terry Gulkison - 17 Aug 2007
Hi Faith. Your work looks great, and I love the inclusion of students work. Dave
dave stevens - 31 Jul 2007
Great work. I thought they were all very well done. Amazing lighting depiction. You are very talented.
Joyce Jennings - 28 Jul 2007
I am constantly amazed at the high calibre of Faith's work. Her superb talent and imagination show in her paintings and each piece surpasses the one before. One of her more recent pastels titled, "Ginger and Garlic" is particularly charming.
Hope Love - 26 Jul 2007
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